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Website - Secure Connection

Ensure your connection to any website sending/receiving your personal info is secure, if not then its recommended not to use and contact the website owner to see how you can purchase an item securely. 

If personal information such as a login password travels unencrypted over the Internet, it can very easily be intercepted by an eavesdropper. If you are logging into any website, you should make sure that the site offers HTTPS encryption, which protects against this kind of eavesdropping. You can verify this in the URL bar: if your connection is encrypted, the address will begin with “https://”, rather than “http://”.

VPN's - Good/Bad

This is a hot topic in recent months as many look for ways to protect their privacy. 

This privacy guide page along with the flowchart image on left does a good explanation of the purpose and need to use a VPN, " Basically, instead of connecting directly to the Internet, you connect to one of your VPN providers’ servers which connects you to the Internet." -

Please be very CAUTIOUS of the FREE VPN's. There are a few good ones we have tested for 6+ months yet there are several that are spyware, bad, etc.

We do not endorse any products but can tell you the ones we have tested and still use should you desire to try yourself. 

Subscription based VPN's:

-NordVPN, IPVanishVPN, VPN Unlimited, Hotspot Shield VPN.

FREE (with limitations and/or option to purchase):

- Hotspot Shield VPN (with ads)

- Windscribe (also Free additional data GB offered)

A good source to check prior to purchasing or getting a free VPN is always to basically google "VPN reviews". We have always found PC Mags site to be very useful, up to date, non-biased, and comprehensive. Their current VPN review link is (but changes with each new review, going to their home page or an internet search for their review is usually the best way to find them) -,2817,2403388,00.asp.

This is a lot for the average consumer to take in as we understand, please contact us with any questions you may have and we will do our best to assist.

Router Alert - Hackers infect consumer routers with malware

Our Facebook page contains daily articles on immediate security issues. Mike's Pro Tech Facebook Page

A few self help and explanation links of the current router issue:

Hackers infect routers all over the world with malware Malware Infects 1/2 Million Routers. Technology News in Pensacola Mike's Pro Tech in Pensacola

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Remote Support for Mobile Devices

We are now proud to offer REMOTE MOBILE DEVICE assistance.
We will remote to your device and assist you with your technical needs.

Few Android requirements:
Android device has Android 5.0 or newer
For control, the Android device must be a Samsung, select Lenovo and LG devices with app store add-on, or rooted device. Other Android devices are view-only.

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